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RFID Creates an Enhanced Customer Shopping Experience
 by: The RFID Network

 This may look like an ordinary jewelry display, but itís actually been enhanced with RFID technology. Inside the display case there is a very thin antenna connected to an RFID reader. All of the items in the display case have an RFID tag affixed to the price tag. These enhancements provide enormous benefits to retailers.

First, the system performs inventory in real time. As soon as an item is added, or removed, from the display case - inventory is automatically updated. Plus, retailers can see which items customers are most interested in based on how often it goes in and out of the case. This is incredibly useful information that could not be easily obtained before.

RFID also enhances security. The system is combined with the storeís video surveillance system and automatically captures the exact time an item is moved. In the event that an item canít be found, security personnel can to go directly to exact time in the security video the product was moved. This saves hundreds or even thousands of hours reviewing video footage.

The customerís shopping experience is also enhanced. For example, when an item is placed on this RFID-enhanced display tray, all of the complimentary accessories automatically appear.

After the customer purchases the product and removes the price tag, the RFID is also removed.
How the RFID Enabled Jewelry Display Works

The thin antenna we spoke of is the CSL CS790. It is the thinnest UHF antenna on the market. Itís extremely durable, and can be placed directly on to wood, metal, or any surface. That means that existing displays, shelves, and furniture do not have to be retrofitted to accommodate bulky antennas. The thin antenna also provides extremely controlled RFID reads, which prevents reading tags in adjacent read zones.

The CSL CS468 RFID reader supports up to 16 separate antennas, more than any other RFID reader in its class. That means that one reader can power 16 different displays, shelves, or even a RFID-enhanced Point-of-sale counter.

The OMNITROL platform coordinates the RFID readers and provides business logic for real-time inventory tracking and reporting without any need to integrate or customize back-end systems. It can also scale to support hundreds of retail stores and distribution centers and provide predictive analytics that can reduce out-of-stocks.

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