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All News > iPad Menus Becoming a Restaurant Reality

iPad Menus Becoming a Restaurant Reality
Trend Watch by Matt Duckor, Apr 27, 2011

Restaurateurs have tried (often unsuccessfully) to implement technology in their restaurants over the past decade. The latest push stems from an interest in displaying restaurant menus on computer tablets, but it hasn't managed to gain much traction. But then Apple decided to reinvent the tablet and the discussion was brought back to life. Well, the paperless revolution has begun.

News comes today that the Celebrity Eclipse, the newest cruise ship from Celebrity Cruises, has purchased iPads for waiters to hand out to each guest in their on board dining room. On one hand, supporters will point out that electronic menus will drastically cut back the amount of paper used by restaurants. Critics of the move to paperless menus will probably mention something about the idea of weird, glowing light ruining the ambiance of any restaurant.

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