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RushBee professional team is dedicated in providing full Internet service to our clients and company that need a bilingual web site in English and Chinese.

+ Strategic Consulting and Internet Media Solutions
+ Site Design and Development
+ E-commerce and Marketing
+ Bilingual Internet Solutions and Translations
+ Customize Applications and Programming
+ Site Maintenance & Hosting

- Strategic Consulting and Internet Media Solutions
Our mission is to provide you a thoughtful and innovative way to market your products and services through the most exciting media such as the Internet. Our consultant also speaks your language (Chinese) and work with you to create your objectives and goals.

- Site Design and Development
Our strategic partner PTD Corp has more than 7 years of graphics and media experiences. RushBee takes your business and company to web with specialize skills in design, content management, business development and technical know how to create an integrated web site for your customers and prospects.

- E-commerce and Marketing
Our approach is to create a complete E-commerce solution to help you reduce the cost of sale and increase your revenues. From building a secure transaction online store to real time inventory, fulfillment integration, customized CRM (customer relationship management) to
developed an integrate on/off line marketing plan. RushBee will provide you business expertise to launch and manage your E-retails.

- Bilingual Internet Solutions and Translations
Our specialist can build a bilingual web business for your company. From websites translation service in Chinese to printing media to customize your applications.

- Customize Application and Programming
Our programmers have experience and skill in C/C++, Visual Basic, Java, PHP, Perl, and XML. They are also Microsoft Certified, and they speak your language. RushBee creates custom window base application and web base solutions for your company.

- Site Maintenance and Hosting Service
Our full service includes site maintenance and continuing operation of your web site. RushBee work with you to provide daily update of your bilingual contents and products. Our dedicated CO-location servers sit in our partner Rackspace IDC. (Internet data)
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